” There is never a time when you can say: I have done a good job and tomorrow is Sunday. As soon as you stop, you have to start again. You can leave a canvas aside, saying you won’t touch it again. But you never come to ‘The End’.” ~ Pablo Picasso


I am a visual artist living in Charlotte, North Carolina. I seek to transform a blank canvas into a world full of vivid images that the viewer can engage with.

I paint a variety of subject matter such as still life, landscapes, the human figure, and abstracts. For that purpose, I use different materials such as oils and acrylics, as well as different mixed media and collage techniques.

My style borrows light and color from the impressionists, and surface and brushstroke from modern and abstract painters. The combination of subject matter, bright colors, and different mediums, result in vibrant art pieces full of light and texture.

Traveling all over the United States and in my native Bolivia has provided a diverse array of views for my landscape paintings. The abstract landscapes are the result of the inspiration found  in images of remote areas of the southern region of Bolivia, images so beautiful, that you could easily imagine come from another world.  Music, an important element of my artistic life, has provided the inspiration to work on a musical instruments collage series. Music scores make their way into my collage pieces.